Lakebed 2030 infographic published by the Great Lakes Observing System

To make it clear just how much of the lakes are yet to be mapped, this year, GLOS worked with mapTO to create the hex map and the accompanying infographic.

An artistic visualization built using available low, medium, and high-density data, the image shows how only limited swaths of the lakefloor, usually in the nearshore area, are have associated high-density data, leaving large areas of the lake unmapped to modern standards. Lakebed 2030 is the effort to complete this map.

Those interested in spreading awareness about the need for a complete, high-density map of the Great Lakes are welcome to download and distribute these assets, linking to where practical and crediting the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS). For additional files, contact GLOS.

Download the hex map PNG | Download the hex map with key PNG | Download the infographic PDF PNG

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